Pokemon Go Reddit posts are being included in school books

Jessica Filby
Pokemon Go school

It’s no secret that Pokemon is a massive franchise, spanning across the world on various TV shows, Animes, games, plushies, and even… school textbooks.

Many Pokemon fans dream of being able to study Pokemon in school. A degree in first-gen Pokemon might not get you very far in a career, but it would certainly be enjoyable to study and many already have most of the knowledge required.

However, this dream came true for one player, who recently shared their English textbook to the Pokemon Go Reddit, featuring comments from the… Pokemon Go Reddit.

“Hey guys look, you are in my English book” shared the poster, revealing a photo of their textbook with threads from the r/pokemongo weekly questions, bugs, and gameplay megathread.

Naturally, fans were thrilled and a little confused to see their comments in a textbook, with one person wondering “What was the thought process behind this. It’s a bit of a niche topic, so it would be somewhat confusing for someone that’s not their first language to read about…”

The book in question is a textbook for Spanish native speakers to learn English, leading to many questions regarding the confusing names of Pokemon that could pose an issue when learning a language.

Others backed up the point, commenting: “This seems like an absolute nightmare for someone learning English to read wtf? A bunch of Pokemon names and shorthand/ slang that only makes sense in a gaming context.”

However, others thought it was “relatively genius” thanks to it using “real world applied critical reading skills with specialized jargon” which could help improve vocabulary and problem-solving while learning the language.

Interestingly, it seems the Pokemon Go Reddit threads are being used for more than just textbooks, as one user reported that “I hated this at first, but Reddit has been one of the biggest contributing factors to my English skills, so maybe the author had similar experiences.”

It’s certainly surprising to see Reddit being featured in a learning environment, but it just goes to show how popular both the social media site and Pokemon Go itself is, and how much of an impact it can have on learning.