Pokemon Go players wants Niantic to repurpose “New Size Record” banner

man holding phone with pokemon go on screenUnsplash: Mbaumi

Niantic recently implemented a feature in Pokemon Go where players are alerted via a large banner when they catch a Pokemon with a new size record. While many players dislike the alert, others have thought of a way to repurpose it.

In January 2023, players began to notice a new feature in Pokemon Go that was quickly deemed “intrusive.” The New Size Record banner that appears for catching XXL or XXS Pokemon takes up half the screen following a successful catch, adding to the laundry list of pop-ups the game features.

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It didn’t take long for players to express their discontent with the new popup. Many trainers suggested Niantic should focus on updating preexisting features rather than adding ones “no one asked for.”

But instead of removing the Size Record banner entirely, players have devised a way that Niantic can repurpose the pop-up to better suit player’s needs.

Pokemon Go players want 3 & 4 star pop-ups

One thing Pokemon Go players have consistently asked for is an easier way to tell when a Pokemon is 3 for 4 stars. Immediately after catching a Pokemon, players are bombarded with info, including how big the Pokemon is, how much candy and XP they received for the catch, and if it added to their daily streak.

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But they aren’t told how good their Pokemon’s stats are. Instead, players have to select the menu button and press ‘Appraise’ to see how many stars their Pokemon has.

Reddit user RafRide posted a way to remedy the complaints about the Size Record banner alongside the need for quicker IV information. “The ‘New Size Record’ pop-up banner could be repurposed to flag 3*,” they wrote.

“I would find it a lot more interesting and useful to be notified when I catch a 3* or 4* mon. Instead, you need to check each mon individually after you catch it… which I don’t always do as it’s time-consuming.”

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And with 1.4k upvotes and over 100 comments, players seemed to agree. One user commented, “This feature for a 100% IV pokemon would ACTUALLY be useful. Especially on community days or large events where people can call out the spawn to help others in the area catch it.”

Trainers also found it confusing that XXL/XXS Pokemon are given an alert when transferred, but 4-star Pokemon aren’t. They called it “backward” that Niantic puts so much focus on the size of Pokemon and not the actual power and utility.

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