Pokemon Go players flame Niantic for adding intrusive feature “no one asked for”

pokemon go size record

Pokemon Go players have discovered a new feature when catching Pokemon of a certain size that blocks half of their screen, and they’re taking their displeasure out on Niantic.

If you’ve spent any time in Pokemon Go, you know that there are a lot of messages that appear on-screen during a play session. It seems as if every action is paired with some sort of notification, alert, or pop-up letting know what your latest action has achieved.

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When players first open Pokemon Go, they are met with a message telling them if a Raid is nearby. For those with Adventure Sync turned on, another notification lets you know how far you walked. And if it’s a Monday, a big block appears with a weekly recap followed by an explosion of Item-filled bubbles.

Catch a Pokemon? Well, here are all of the challenges that capture went toward. Players are also reminded to buy tickets for upcoming events, that they don’t have any eggs incubating, and that the weather outside might be frightful.

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So, it makes sense that another “intrusive” pop-up may rub players the wrong way.

New Size Record pop-in enrages Pokemon Go players

The discovery of the new pop-up was posted to Reddit by user Srbscooby. The post was accompanied by a screenshot of a Mightyena, but half of the screen was covered by a purple box detailing the weight and size of the Pokemon.

“Size record pop up now covers almost half of the screen,” the caption read. Before this update, Pokemon Go would alert players of a new size record with tiny banners above both stats.

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“Don’t know why they insist on giving notifications for useless info,” one user commented, “Yet we can’t get a notification for nearby raids lobby filling or when an unregistered Pokémon is nearby.” Another player agreed, stating they wished they didn’t get so many “Good Friend” notification.

One comment was echoed numerous times throughout the comments: “Nobody asked for this.”

“Ah yes because it wasn’t intrusive or annoying enough already,” a trainer commented. They also pointed out how no one had asked for this pop-up that alerts players of a meaningless feature that’s only purpose is working toward an in-game metal.

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It was later pointed out that this pop-up only appears for XXL and XXS Pokemon, but that didn’t seem to deter angry commenters. “It already makes it hard to quickly scan a bunch of IVs to look for PvP possibilities. This will make it impossible.”

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