Pokemon Go players flame new Trainee Box selling “less inventory space”

pokemon go weekly 1 coin box

A new Trainee Box has been added to the Pokemon Go item shop, and players think the offer is so bad it’s as if they’re buying “less inventory space.”

Pokemon Go players have a love-hate relationship with the bundle boxes found in the in-game item shop. While they sometimes offer deals on premium items that trainers couldn’t possibly pass up, other times, the players feel like the boxes and their price tags are a big joke.

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We’ve seen instances where players assume Niantic is “trolling” because of the quality of a box, and there have been times when Pokemon Go offers great deals but only to select players.

Regardless of the declining value of boxes over the past year or so, players still hold hope that Pokemon Go’s item boxes will return to their former glory. But that isn’t the case for the new Trainee Boxes spotted on April 24.

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Pokemon Go Trainee box is “worst so far”

For a whopping 375 coins – or eight days defending a gym – players can buy the Trainee Box. This bundle offers 125 Pokeballs and two Silver Pinap Berries. This is a discount seeing as 100 Pokeballs cost 460 coins, but players still couldn’t believe the price tag.

This led Reddit users OUTheMovie and Xhaszeqq to post screenshots to their communities. The later stated, “nah bro, how is this almost 400 coins.” And a dive into the comments shows numerous trainers share in their disbelief.

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“Yes just what I’ve always wanted, less inventory space,” one user jested. Another stated, “Anybody interested in this net 375 coin loss?”

Others pointed out how the Trainee Box essentially offers the amount of Pokeballs and Berries they have to throw away to make room for premium items. “I remove well over 100 [Pokeballs] on a daily basis for space. Never in my life would I spend money for it when I literally can just spin a couple stops to get them.”

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There were also trainers who noted the box was worth almost two Remote Raid Passes following their recent price hike. And it seems players are more apt to buy the pricier Remote Raid Passes than they are Pokemon Go’s Trainee boxes.

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