Pokemon Go players hoodwinked by push notification teasing St. Patrick’s Day “event”

Zackerie Fairfax
leafeon pokemon go

Pokemon Go players were tricked by a push notification celebrating St. Patrick’s Day that seemingly implied there was an in-game event during the holiday.

Pokemon Go has a lot of limited-time events throughout the year, and push notifications are a great way for players to stay up-to-date and on top of what’s going on in the game. Especially if a player forgets that it’s Community Day, and the game reminds them they have an hour to prep for a Shiny Hunt.

And Pokemon Go offers a lot of notifications for events, when an egg is hatching, if your buddy finds a candy, and more. So, when a player receives a notification from Pokemon Go, it often means something is going on in the game.

However, there are rare occurrences where a push notification acts as a message from the devs to the players without any extra meaning. And in the case of St. Patrick’s Day 2023, the nice message from Niantic confused and even hoodwinked players into thinking there was an in-game event.

Pokemon Go St. Patrick’s Day message tricks players

March 17 was St. Patrick’s Day, but it might as well have been April 1 for Pokemon Go players. An alert on their phones read, “Feeling lucky today? Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with lucky eggs and gain extra XP!”

This made a few players excited at the prospects of having an in-game event for the holiday, and one Reddit user, Emblenj, took to TheSilphRoad to post about it. “St. Patrick’s Day Event???” they captioned the screenshot, but the comments hit OP with the brutal truth.

“No bonuses or anything. It’s just a suggestion to use a lucky egg for extra XP,” one user stated. Another concurred, “No, sometimes they push these random notifications that don’t mean anything. There is no event.”

Other disappointed played shared ideas that Niantic could have implemented for St. Patrick’s Day. A player suggested a rainbow could be put in the sky, and some Pokestops could be Gold like they recently were. And several trainers stated the lack of Gimmighoul coins was a missed opportunity.

While St. Patrick’s Day 2023 may have been a let-down for Pokemon Go fans, maybe we will see more effort from Niantic next year.