Niantic confirms Pokemon Go Golden Lures won’t get bonuses during Festival of Colors

pokemon go gimmighoul headerNiantic

Pokemon Go fans planning to use the upcoming event to grind Gimmighoul coins are going to need to rethink strategies following a confirmation about Golden Lure duration.

Pokemon Go players use a range of strategies to make the most of each event. From stacking items like Lucky Eggs and Star Pieces to activating strategic Incense and Lure Modules, setting up the correct items can be essential to a successful day of battling and catching.

However, the debut of the new Golden Lure Module has had many prepping for the best way to make the most of the extra items and Gimmighoul Coins lured PokeStops will drop. Many Pokemon Go players were planning to use the Golden Lure in the upcoming Festival of Colors, hoping to take advantage of the three-hour Lure bonus.

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Unfortunately, some new information indicates that Golden Lure Modules will be exempt from the bonus and that the same penalty is likely going to apply to all types of events with extended Lure durations.

Pokemon Go Golden Lures will note get bonuses

In a Twitter post by PokemonGoHub, it was shared that Niantic has made a comment about Pokemon Go Golden Lure Module durations during events. The statement reads: “Trainers, we have spoken to Niantic and they have clarified that the new Golden Lures will NOT last three hours this event, and will only be 30 minutes.”

This comes after many have speculated whether they would be able to take the best advantage of the Lure during upcoming Pokemon Go Community Days and the Festival of Colors.

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Fans in the comments are frustrated with the limitation, with one stating, “Just like Niantic to give us a new mechanic and then give us a bonus for that new mechanic but then say “oops no” lmao.” and another adding, “That sucks. Was specifically planning to use them for this event and the upcoming CD. Guess it will not work for that, either.”

While Pokemon Go players will be able to take advantage of the PokeStops lured in areas where they are playing during these events, the lack of bonuses will require everyone using the Golden Lure Module to be careful about when and where they deploy it.

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