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Pokemon Go players flame Niantic over “lazy” Power Plant event

Published: 21/Jan/2022 1:07

by Alan Bernal


Pokemon Go players are slamming Niantic for the “lazy” Power Plant event that brought in electric-type Helioptile and not much else.

Trainers excited for the next chapter in the Season of Heritage were let down after noticing the January 19 update didn’t have the staples of great add-ons we’ve seen in the past.

“No new timed research. No new special research. No collection challenge. No event bonuses,” Redditor ‘Miserable_Waterfall’ said. “Just one new spawn and its evolved form. And it goes on for another 12 days.”

PoGo players generally gravitate to new events for the new Pokemon they offer or special gameplay tweaks that keep the experience fresh.


pokemon go power plant event
The Pokemon Go Power Plant event started on January 19.

Though people agreed Pokemon Go’s Helioptile, and its evolution Heliolisk, in the game was an overall great thing, they were disappointed by the lackluster options from the latest event.

“Don’t get me wrong, Helioptile is awesome,” the user continued. “But am I missing something? Or is this the laziest PoGo event in history?”

Others couldn’t help but notice this too, especially since the event revolves around Pokemon’s famed Power Plant which many players remember as the location where you first met Legendary bird, Zapdos.

“Kanto Power Plant event without Zapdos. Definitely lazy,” another user said. Similarly, a different player noted their disappointment, saying: “How could they not include Zapdos in a freakin Power Plant event!!”


pokemon go power plant
Pokemon that will be available through wild encounters during PoGo’s Power Plant event.

Players are hoping that next week’s Team Go Rocket event will hold some respite in the form of either Zapdos or Raikou, but it remains to be seen what will come in the update.

Others saw the thin Power Plant event as a good way for newer PoGo players to catch up in filling their Pokedex but it admittedly didn’t hold much for veteran trainers.

As Niantic continue the Season of Heritage, we’ll see if there’s new content for all Pokemon Go players to benefit from soon.