Pokemon Go players explain the “one good part” of new Party Play feature

Eleni Thomas
Pokemon Go Party Play

One Pokemon Go fan has revealed the only “good part” of the Party Play feature following major backlash about the new co-op mode.

Pokemon Go is still a popular game despite being almost a decade old. Developer Niantic has been working on the game constantly, bringing in new DLC, updates, and more to keep the experience fresh for gamers both new and old.

Back in October, Niantic revealed that they would be introducing a Party Play mode, finally giving gamers the chance to play Pokemon Go co-op. While fans were initially excited for the feature, the new mode has been hit with major backlash due to time limits and general gameplay issues. 

As well as this, many have expressed their frustration at the new mode’s rewards, which many consider underwhelming. However, in a new Reddit post, a player posted about the mode, revealing what they believe to be the “one good part” of Party Play.

Pokemon Go Party Play body

This being the raid damage boost, wherein players are able to work through a raid with a partner and complete raids that they would not have the ability to defeat on their own. 

The original poster explained how, “ although the feature sucks 95%, this part is good. And it really helps rural players to be able to do these 5* raids that are in person only. Linked below is a picture of us finishing off an Articuno with over a minute left too.

If you have just one other person to raid with, try using party play, you’ll be surprised at what you can take down with just two of you. Happy to answer any questions too.”

The comments section is filled with fellow Pokemon Go players agreeing with the initial post, another Redditor even commented “Another good thing in party play that I found out recently is that you can join remote raids party members are in!”

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