Pokemon Go players enraged as Las Vegas event is swamped with problems

A poster for Pokemon Go Tour HoennNiantic

Players participating in the Pokemon Go Tour: Las Vegas in-person event have reported issues with gameplay, connectivity, and rewards. This has ruined the expensive trip for many who are participating.

Pokemon Go has become an expensive experience despite it being “free-to-play.” Players are finding more and more content locked behind exclusive event ticket paywalls and watching the in-game prices steadily rise for essential items.

Unfortunately, not all investments in Pokemon Go are worth the money, and many players are experiencing this firsthand at the Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn event happening in Las Vegas. Like previous in-person events, players have had trouble signing into the app, staying connected, or even participating in key aspects of the celebration.

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Niantic has offered those impacted by the issues on the first day of the event an apology and extended playtime, but a follow-up post on social media seemingly blamed players without event tickets for the connectivity problems. Players aren’t happy with either response or the issues many felt shouldn’t have been a problem to begin with, going online to vent their frustrations.

Pokemon Go players call Niantic out for Hoenn Tour issues

Pokemon Go players have taken to the r/pokemongo subreddit with frustrations and upset over the Go Tour: Hornn Las Vegas event.

Additionally, many players have filled posts on Niantic‘s Twitter, vocalizing anger and frustration at not being able to sign into the app, despite having traveled and paid to be a part of the event. One player comments, “And how am I going to do that if I still can log in? I haven’t played a single minute since the event started… at this point I’ll ask for a refund” in response to the apology gift being offered.

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Another player calls out Niantic’s mission statement, setting it against the problems players report while participating in the Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn event.

Other players are confused as to why Niantic hasn’t done anything to prepare for the number of players trying to access their servers, as the crashing has also been a problem at previous events.

Unfortunately, those who have experienced issues during the Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn event in Las Vegas will likely be unable to get a refund for their tickets. This also doesn’t count the expense of traveling and staying near the event, which isn’t a cheap trip due to the location. Instead, players may choose not to be a part of in-person events in the future.

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