Niantic blames players for Pokemon Go Las Vegas connectivity issues

Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon in Pokemon Go Tour HoennNiantic

Pokemon Go fans who paid for the Go Tour: Hoenn in-person Las Vegas event have reported issues with connectivity, and a new statement from Niantic seems to blame fans who joined the event without a paid ticket.

While in-person Pokemon Go events are a great way to get together and share the fun with a community, the mobile app has suffered notorious issues over the years. In-person events are often plagued with connectivity errors, glitches, bugs, and crashes that can turn a fun afternoon into an expensive nightmare for many.

Currently, players have traveled from all around the world to participate in the expensive Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn event happening in Las Vegas. The tickets sold out weeks before the event, which features Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, and a slew of Gen 3 favorites from Ruby and Sapphire.

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However, many find that the travel expenses and ticket costs weren’t worth it, as the event was plagued with connectivity issues Niantic addressed yesterday.

Niantic scolds non-paying Pokemon Go players

In a statement addressing the issues on Twitter, Pokemon Go developers have placed the blame regarding connectivity issues on fans who joined the event without a paid ticket.

Pokemon Go players in the comments are outraged, with many calling Niantic out for underselling tickets to the event and overcharging to participate. One player states, “Because people reserved tickets for hotels and travel, then the event tickets sold out.”

Another player jumped in to comment, “Just gonna say this, even if that happened, which is probably true, you can’t just put the blame on the community you guys wanted, you want us to “get out and GO” yet your putting all of the blame on us in a two sentence long tweet. LMAO”

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Other players are calling for full refunds, stating, “You sell tickets with North and South entrances! Which is totally bogus! Park is wide open! YOU ARE AT FAULT! I want my refund!”

Unfortunately, it isn’t likely those impacted will be able to get their money back for the issues that have been noted. Niantic did offer a small apology gift, but no further information is currently available at the time of this report.