Pokemon Go players disappointed as Spotlight Hour ruined by server maintenance

Jessica Filby
Pokemon Go

Tons of Pokemon Go players find themselves gutted after the Rhyhorn Spotlight Hour was ruined by server maintenance forcing many to miss out on their desired shiny Pokemon.

Server maintenance is nothing new for Pokemon Go. After all, the nature of the live game means for major work to be done it needs to shut down for a few hours, or ideally less. However, one of the worst times for this to happen is during a popular weekly event that many players look forward to.

This is exactly what happened during the Rhyhorn Spotlight Hour in which in catch rate was increased, along with the Stardust rewards and many other elements. Tons of players found themselves locked behind maintenance for the short hour they could catch Rhyhorn, ruining the event.

Pokemon Go players gutted as Spotlight Hour is halted by maintenance

Tons of Pokemon Go players took to Reddit to share their frustrations with one user sarcastically stating, “always what you want to see when grinding spotlight candies,” attaching their locked game with the maintenance screen over it.

Others shared the sentiment, either making their own posts complaining, like one Pokemon Go fan who simply stated “what a bummer” with the same image attached.

Throughout these posts, plenty of players took to the comments to show their frustration as well as the items and resources they lost from the unfortunate maintenance. One highlighted how they “Just started a lucky egg and about to miss spotlight hour.” Another lost “two lures” and one even lost their “meltan box” after being thrown out of the game.

Although plenty of fans were frustrated, one comment summed up players’ thoughts and hopes: “Maybe they’ll throw in some Rhyhorn during the Squirtle make-up event. Combine all the month’s mistakes into one embarrassment of a day for Niantic”

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