Pokemon Go players demand long-distance trading with friends

A Pokemon Go trading symbol as players can't tradeNiantic

Pokemon Go players wish Niantic would increase the trade range distance to allow trading with friends across the Globe.

To trade in Pokemon Go, players must become friends with each other and reach level 10. Also, both trainers must be within a 100-meter radius to exchange Pokemon. This allows users to trade with nearby neighbors but not friends on the other side of the country.

Despite the console Pokemon titles allowing far-away trades, Pokemon Go has not adopted this practice. The mobile game lacks the feature even after introducing trade evolutions in 2020. Here’s why players are upset about the trading restriction.

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Pokemon Go trainers want a more considerable trade range distance

Trade Codes used to trade version exclusives in Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe Pokemon Company

On the Pokemon Go subreddit, Reddit user squeeks9950 imagined the hypothetical reward for trading with long-distance friends. The OP pleaded with Niantic to allow trainers to unlock the Lucky Pokemon bonus for the next trade with remote buddies.

“Trading really should be possible without needing to be nearby the same way it works for console, etc,” phillybob232 wrote. “They could still add bonuses for in person like a Stardust discount, maybe bonus Candy after a trade, some special badge you can earn, etc., but trading is literally impossible for me at the moment.”

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“They really try to make it a local meet-up game, but let’s face it. It’s just not,” joker0812 said. “They should’ve made it like the originals, so you had to battle Pokemon to gain exp and level them up. Open trades to be anywhere with friends.”

For a limited time, Niantic increased the trading distance restriction to 40km throughout the 2021 Christmas season. During lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, the company also expanded the range throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In addition to preventing long-distance trades, Niantic has disadvantaged remote players by increasing the price of Remote Raid Passes. To learn more about the Remote Raid Pass controversy, read our article about players going on strike.

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