Pokemon Go players launch strike hours before Remote Raid Passes change

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Pokemon Go players stand against Niantic and its plan to increase Remote Raid Passes. The community’s initial effort led to a full-fledged boycott of the company.

On March 30, Niantic officially confirmed it would raise the cost of Remote Raid Passes and limit trainers to just five a day. The announcement came weeks after rumors circulated surrounding an alleged price change. As for the planned increase amount, single Remote Raid Passes will rise from 100 Pokecoins to 195 on April 6.

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In response to Niantic’s upcoming adjustment, trainers started a Change.org petition, which has gained over 70k signatures. Additionally, #HearUsNiantic became trending on social media. Now, Pokemon Go players are fighting back by uninstalling the mobile game.

How can Pokemon Go players rebel against Niantic?

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On the Pokemon Go subreddit, Reddit user Moumantai posted an image detailing the terms of the strike against Niantic. As seen in the infographic, Moumantai offered suggestions other than deleting Pokemon Go.

Examples included turning off Adventure Sync & GPS outside the application, refusing to buy anything from the in-game shop, not doing any type of Raids, and limiting the time spent playing Pokemon Go. By doing this, the chance that Niantic would “revert the changes” increases.

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The post’s comment section contained both players praising others for taking a stand and users not convinced by the community’s efforts.

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“S-Tier: Uninstall, A-Tier: Boycotting in-game purchases and denying them movement data,” one Reddit user replied. “Whichever you pick, Thank you for participating in the strike and helping us to show Niantic how we feel about the situation.”

On the other hand, bemused-cynic didn’t see the appeal of continuing to play despite the protest. “Or, uh, delete their app?” the user asked. “I’m mad, but going to continue using your product” isn’t much of a message.”

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“I’m sorry but unless a significant amount of players stop playing for a prolonged length of time, Niantic will not care,” FINomenal999 remarked. “We have to cut them off from our data entirely otherwise, it’s pointless.”

At the time of writing, it’s unclear if Niantic will listen to players’ pleas and not raise the cost of Remote Raid Passes. Stay tuned for any new information.

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