Pokemon Go players crushed after long-awaited Raid’s early departure

Kurt Perry
Pokemon GO raid about to hatch and unveil the Legendary inside.

Pokemon Go players are disappointed after Niantic removed the Mega Absol Raid Battle two days earlier than expected following a two-year wait for it in the first place.

Pokemon Go always features a series of Raids that rotate weekly. These are typically divided up into 1 Star Raids, 3 Star Raids, 5 Star Raids, and Mega Raids.

The regular Raids host everything from common wild encounters to one-of-a-kind Legendary Pokemon, but these never give the opportunity to Mega Evolve your team. For this, trainers need to complete limited-time Mega Raids.

With Mega Absol that is exactly what many had intended to do but it made a surprise early exit leaving much of the community empty-handed and some even frustrated.

Pokemon Go Mega Raid removed early after two-year wait

Mega Absol was scheduled to be in Mega Raids from February 15 to February 22 but was removed early with Mega Garchomp taking its place on February 20. This early exit followed a lengthy two-year wait during which Mega Absol was not available in Pokemon Go.

Expressing their disappointment with the Raid’s removal, one player posted on Reddit, “Mega Absol is supposed to be in raids until 10am February 22nd, as reported by Niantic. It looks like there is a bug and it was replaced with Garchomp before it was meant to.”

Another trainer was equally upset responding, “Also noticed this, and am disappointed since I only did one raid and was planning on doing another today or tomorrow so I could get the rest of the mega energy I needed.”

The complaints continued with a different reply stating, “Yeah this was an unfortunate surprise earlier in the day for me after a 30 minute walk to the nearest Mega egg. No hatched Megas around and had no reason to check if there had been a change.”

Though many players were annoyed by Mega Absol’s early departure most were just eager for it to return commenting the likes of, “I hope they bring em back and fix it,” and, “Really hope they return it for an ‘extra’ day or two.”

Niantic has been known to address problems with Raids like when they gave affected players compensation for Therian Tornadus being shiny locked by accident. Though compensation is not expected for Mega Absol, it may return in the near future to give trainers another chance to catch it.

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