Pokemon Go players compare their insane Pikachu special collections

pokemon go pop star rock star pikachu go fest 2021Niantic / The Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Go player started a massive discussion on Reddit after sharing their collection of Special Pikachu, with some trainers claiming to hoard hundreds of electric mice.

Since the start of Pokemon Go, Niantic has released special costumed Pokemon. These are meant to commemorate events, and allow wild Pokemon to wear unique articles of clothing.

Paris Fashion Week, New Years, and Halloween are just a few annual events featuring costumes Pokemon. From Cowboy Hat Caterpie to Drip Lapras, there are many costumed Pokemon to collect.

The issue is, that players can’t transfer these Pokemon out of Pokemon Go to HOME. And since these are collector’s items, several trainers are stuck with tens and even hundreds of these costumed monsters.

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Pokemon Go players share Pikachu collections

Being the franchise’s mascot, Pikachu has an absurd number of costume forms in Pokemon Go. And Reddit user umm_name decided to share their 10 Pikachu collection on the r/Pokemongo subreddit asking if anyone else collected them.

Hundreds of players took to the comments to share how large their own collections were. A large number of users claimed they had between 30 to 60 special Pikachu. One user commented, “I have 60 costume Pikachu’s, with two of them shiny. 75 total between Pika and Raichu.”

But then seasoned Pokemon Go players began sharing their own unfathomable collections. “I have 229….ugh…there are so many costumed ones, and I keep a few from each year,” a player shared. Another replied to this stating, “Wait till you hear my 602 event pikachu that I hoard because I didn’t wanna transfer them away”

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This led to players begging Niantic for storage specifically for costumed Pikachu. They explained how they don’t use Pikachu in battle, but can’t bring themselves to get rid of the exclusive Pokemon.

And if the trend continues, Niantic will release even more costumed Pikachu expanding trainer’s collections.