Pokemon Go players call for major Raid rework to reflect recent game changes

Philip Trahan
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Pokemon Go players want some major Raid changes to “accommodate the state of the game” after some recent changes.

Pokemon Go has received some big changes in the past couple months, with chief among them being the massive nerf toward Remote Raid Passes.

This change has had a cascading effect, which reportedly caused Raid participation to drop because players could no longer easily participate in Raids without being in person.

Now, players are calling for a big Raid rework to better reflect the changes made to Pokemon Go and, by extension, the game’s community.

Pokemon Go players want big Raid changes

A post on TheSilphRoad subreddit titled, “Raids need reworking to accommodate the state of the game now the peak has long since passed,” sparked a discussion among the community.

The OP opened the post with: “I understand the sentiment of the devs wanting people back out in the world, playing the game in person and for legendary Pokemon to actually be rare.”

Unfortunately, they identified two big problems that have changed how Raids currently function. They claim the first problem is that “players have no choice but to do lots of raids” if they want a chance at successfully completing them.

The next problem they identified was that “raids were built for the community when it was at its peak” and that they don’t currently “reflect the reality of the current player base.”

To fix this problem, they suggest a couple of solutions: adding Scalable Raid Bosses and changing the aspects that limit players’ time during a Raid event.

The community was fairly receptive to these proposals and even suggested their own spin on some helpful changes. “Maybe instead of having the timer count down it could count upwards. Rewards could be scaled to how long it takes to complete the raid. This would allow solo players to defeat the boss without scaling back the difficulty level.”

Another fan said, “Solution 3: Create worldwide lobbies that you can access from a Gym. So people can do the raid as long as they’re at a Gym.” This would essentially create a real-world hub that provided in-game matchmaking to players around the world.

Of course, implementing many of these changes would be easier said than done. However, it seems the community is convinced it’s time for Niantic to adjust the Pokemon Go landscape in 2023.

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