Pokemon Go trainers want one major change to Raid battles

Pokemon Go Raid BattlesThe Pokemon Company/Niantic

Pokemon Go trainers on Reddit have agreed that they want one major change to Raid battles after a user complained about failing to catch an Infernape.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Dynamax Adventure Raids, the Pokemon at the end of each battle is a guaranteed catch — assuming you attempt to catch them in the first place.

In Pokemon Go Raid battles, however, the ‘mon has a rather high chance of jumping out of your Poke Balls, even if it’s your last one.

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Trainers are now calling for that to change in PoGo and have taken to Reddit to share their thoughts.

Pokemon Go trainers want to catch Raid bosses more easily

Posted in the Pokemon Go subreddit, user 210ds shared their thoughts about catching Raid bosses in the game.

“Lukewarm take: Raid Pokemon shouldn’t be able to break out,” they said.

“I understand that the point of Pokemon is catching them when they’re at low hp in the main games, however it’s completely dumb that after a long, hard-fought raid, that the Raid Pokemon can just break out over and over and waste your time. I’ve had this happen twice now.

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“Golden Razz didn’t help, nor did curveball. It was a 3-difficulty infernape. It’s just a waste of time and energy and makes raiding not really all that worth while.”

Other players took to the comments to share their thoughts as well, with over a hundred people replying.

“I understand raid bosses popping out, I do not understand rewards popping out. Why must I waste 10 balls to catch something that is a guaranteed catch? To me, that’s a waste of time,” one person replied.

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Another commented: “I think it should be updated to current Pokemon mainline game standards. You beat the raid, the Pokemon is a guaranteed catch. Just pick your choice of ball for it to live in.”

“I liked Sunday of GOFest where the primals and rayquaza were easier to catch. They should do that more often, like during Wednesday night Raid Hours or something,” a third user replied.

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