Pokemon Go players are tired of seeing these Shinies all the time

Scott Baird
Shiny Zigzagoon from Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go fans are complaining about the Shiny Pokemon they keep encountering in the game, despite how rare it is to encounter one.

It’s rare to encounter Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but there are ways to boost the odds of them appearing. This is helped by numerous special Pokemon Go events with increased Shiny odds, giving vigilant players plenty of chances to catch them.

It helps that Pokemon Go has the longest lifespan of any individual Pokemon game, as most people tend to leave the old mainline games behind when a new one is released. As people keep playing Pokemon Go, there chances of meeting a Shiny are increased due to the extra playtime involved.

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Not everyone is happy to meet certain Shiny Pokemon, such as a Shiny Magikarp or Gyarados, due to how common they are. This extends to Pokemon Go, where players are annoyed when they repeatedly catch multiples of the same Shiny Pokemon.

Shiny Litten in Pokemon GoNiantic

Pokemon Go fans are sick of seeing certain Shiny Pokemon that keep appearing

Users on the official Pokemon Go Reddit are discussing the Shiny Pokemon they are sick of seeing in the game. This was prompted by OP Careless-Comet, who shared images of all their Shiny Zigzagoon that they’ve caught.

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“If I get another shiny Scyther… I’ll probably just catch it. So annoying though,” one user wrote, while another disliked Shiny rabbit Pokemon, stating “I have entirely too many shiny Bunearys.”

Not everyone is on board with hating Shiny Pokemon, with a few users in the thread criticizing the other members due to how rare it is to encounter any Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go. One user writes, “I feel like dying of thirst, while watching another man drown.”

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The main culprits are Pokemon that appeared in special events with an increased Shiny encounter chance. People who take part in these events throughout their entire duration are more likely to stock up on Shiny Pokemon, diminishing their value in their eyes.

Having access to lots of Shiny Pokemon isn’t a bad thing, as they can be sent from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home and then transferred into the latest Pokemon games. From there, players can take these special Pokemon on their next journey while still keeping some spare in their Pokemon Go boxes.

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