Pokemon Go players shocked by ridiculous Pokestop description: “How is this approved?”

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Pokemon Go players have been left giggling, confused, and shocked after locating a ridiculous Pokestop description located in a playground.

Pokestops are ideal in Pokemon Go. You can gather rewards from them, complete different tasks related to their location, and even see unique sights around your local area. After all, each Pokestop is added by players of the game, which can prompt some pretty interesting, and ridiculous locations being made into landmarks.

Despite the fact that Pokestops have been renowned for being tough to create, some ridiculous designs and suggestions seem to slip through the cracks laid out by Niantic. This is entirely the case for this ridiculous Pokestop description.

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Pokemon Go players left confused after seeing questionable Pokestop description

Posting the screenshot onto Reddit, one user shared a Pokestop of a Playground, with the description reading: “Recreational ground area for human maggot worm babies to learn to interact with other brood.”

Accompanying the screenshot, the user asked: “How is this even approved.” Clearly wondering whether the approval service missed the description when checking it over.

Tons of Pokemon Go fans took to the comments, with splits of laughter, frustration, and shock terminating throughout.

One user joked how “most people don’t read the descriptions when working through the list” and that it must have slipped through the cracks.

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Others found the image pretty frustrating, revealing how that can be allowed and their “dog park couldn’t get approved.”

Similarly, a fair amount of Pokemon Go players joked how, since “90% of my submissions get denied. Maybe I need to change up the language used.” Joking that the description was the reason it got approved.

It seems, despite the chock, many players found the mishap to be hilarious, with plenty of players explaining how “I’d have voted to approve. That’s just funny.”

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There’s no telling whether this Pokestop will be taken down, but it’s definitely shocked players, and provided them with a great bit of entertainment whenever they walk past.

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