Pokemon Go player shares perfect idea to fix Routes amid shaky launch

Dylan Horetski
Pokemon Go routes event promo image with shiny yungoos featuring.

A Pokemon Go player on Reddit has suggested the perfect fix for Routes in the game amid a rather shaky launch of the new feature.

Pokemon Go launched Routes in mid-July 2023, releasing Zygarde in a Special Research quest alongside the new feature.

The release of Routes has been called “very poor” by many, which has prompted Niantic to respond as users share their complaints on social media.

One trainer on Reddit has shared the perfect fix for those struggling to find their closest route, and others seem to agree with it.

Pokemon Go player shares perfect Routes fix

Posted in The Silph Road’s subreddit, user Byotan shared what they think Niantic should do to make Routes better.

“Routes should be visible on stops and gyms,” they said. “Routes should be visible on the overworld map, like contests, or at least accessible from photo discs. The current system is counter-intuitive (especially for children and elderly players).

“Visual clues are important. Imagine if every POI looked the same, and you had to open a menu to check what’s a PokeStop and what’s a gym. Checking the nearby tab every few meters doesn’t feel right, it just ruins immersion.”

Users quickly took to the comments on the post to share their thoughts on the suggestion, with many wanting the added features in the game.

“So much logic in this post that if a Niantic employee read this he won’t understand at all,” one user replied.

Another user said: “This would be great. But Niantic can’t even get the routes out.”

It’s unknown whether or not Niantic will ever add an overworld notification for available Routes, unfortunately, so we’ll just have to wait to see what changes in the near future.

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