Pokemon Go player plots revenge after “friend” purifies Shadow Mewtwo

Laura Gray
Pokemon Go Shadow Mewtwo

Pokemon Go is meant to bring players together for community play and companionship. However, a recent incident involving a player’s Shadow Mewtwo could be the end of a friendship.

Pokemon Go players work hard to find powerful team members for competitive and casual play. From searching out “hundos” through Raid Battles and reward encounters to powering up to reach max CP, the grind can be a long process requiring dedicated gameplay.

Some of the most prized species Pokemon Go players work to catch are Legendaries. From Shiny Megas like Latias and Latios to fan-favorites like Mewtwo, catching a companion with high stats and the right attacks can be a real treat.

One way to get high stats on a Pokemon is through battling Team Go Rocket and rescuing the Shadow Pokemon the leaders have as part of their team. The “Shadow Bonus” allows players to deal extra damage as long as the Pokemon isn’t purified. However, one unlucky player has decided to seek revenge after a mishap with a fan robbed them of their most powerful Shadow Mewtwo.

Pokemon Go player seeks retribution for purified Mewtwo

In a Reddit post shared by BuyerHumble7743 on the r/pokemongo subreddit, the player shares a horrible story about another player purifying their Shadow Mewtwo. The post reads: “This was my innocent Mewtwo just two days before my “friend” decided it would be a great idea to purify it while I was in the bathroom. It was the best IV one out of all of us who caught it. I want to strangle the life out of him.”

Pokemon Go fans in the comments are horrified, sharing their own unfortunate mishaps with special companions. One player shares, “My condolences. If it’s any consolation, I did that to myself before I had any idea about what I had done,” while another adds, “I can understand a little kid doing it out of wonder, but I cannot forgive your friend’s malice.”

However, the story takes a darker twist when the original poster adds, ” Tomorrow I’m supposed to go over to his place and settle this out. I’m gonna figure out a way to transfer his best shit to prove a point. He lost my trust, and it’s gonna take a long time to get it back if I even want to be friends with him anymore. If I’m successful, I will make a post on it tomorrow with photos from his account. I’m making this comment here because it’s at the top of the post. Thanks for the support. I’m gonna make him regret taking my best Pokémon.”

The response to the revenge plot is mixed, with some Pokemon Go fans encouraging the player to get even, while others vocalize concern and caution at destroying a friendship over a mobile game and a backfired prank. One reader comments, “While it’s understandable to be super upset, what your frenemy did was along the lines of destroying property. If what you say is true, you not only took revenge, you escalated the situation from destructive to violent.”

Because Niantic frequently describes Pokemon Go as a way to enjoy the franchise together while being active, it’s unfortunate to see the app cause conflict between those playing the game.

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