Pokemon Go player makes shocking Hisuian Electrode discovery and it’s not PG

. 5 months ago
Pokemon Go player makes shocking Hisuian Electrode discovery and it's not PG
Game Freak / Niantic

A Pokemon Go player made a hilarious find about the newly-added Hisuian Electrode – and it’s not PG, to say the least.

Since Niantic’s hit app graced our phones in 2016, there have been many comical goings-on, such as ‘mon spawning into the map together in weird ways and the classic MissingNo making an appearance.

The latest discovery has Pokemon Go trainers giggling as it reveals a side to Hisuian Electrode that many didn’t picture they’d ever see.

Hisuian electrode evolving in Pokemon legends Arceus
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Hisuian Electrode debuted in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Pokemon Go player finds new side to Hisuian Electrode

Reddit user ‘u/justice1193‘ shared their hilarious discovery to the Pokemon Go forum on February 18. “Electrode got a b**tyhole,” they captioned their post.

Alongside the caption was a screenshot of Hisuian Electrode rolled back with its underbelly showing… and a rather suspicious hole.

While it does make a lot of sense anatomically – because what goes in must come out, right? – it’s still the last thing you’d expect to see when opening up your Pokedex.

In the lore, Hisuian Electrode has this hole to discharge electricity and chlorophyll energy so they don’t explode, so it’s not actually a butt. Still, it does look like one so some players are simply just rolling with it.

Pokemon Go finally allowed Hisuian Voltorb to evolve with the debut of the Pokemon Go Tour Poke Ball Prep Rally event. For more details, check out our dedicated hub.

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