Pokemon Go player “gives up” on leveling out of spite

Nathan Ellingsworth
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While some Pokemon Go players are on a mission to be the very best and climb up the trainer ranks, one seems to have given up and players can’t explain why.

At a certain point, Pokemon Go can become a bit of a grind. Even if you’re out there playing Pokemon Go every day, after level 40 the level challenges start to feel like a slog, especially if you’re looking to reach max level.

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Of course, reaching Lvl. 50 or similar heights shouldn’t be easy, but there are some really tricky tasks on the road to the top, including plenty of challenges focused on catching, battling, and evolving yourself some rare Pocket Monsters.

For one Pokemon Go player, it seems the grind has become too much after another player noticed they still have enough XP to take them to the moon and back, but remain at level 45. so it’s pretty strange to think they could have hit an insurmountable challenge.

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Pokemon Go players baffled as trainer gives up on leveling despite XP haul

A Pokemon Go player by the name of u/madyto has shared a post on Reddit with the comment “Dude gave up…”, showing a trainer that is stuck on level 45. However, while that isn’t too weird in and of itself, this trainer has well over 1B XP, enough to take them to Lvl. 50 and beyond.

The top comment underneath the post asks the important question, “Any guesses what this trainer is stuck on? Complete 100 Field Research Tasks. Take a snapshot of a Pokémon 7 days in a row. Make 50 Excellent Throws. [Or] Hatch 30 Eggs.”

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Afterwards in the same comment, the person also explains the absolute wealth of XP the trainer has, adding, “Also, 1.1 Billion XP. Level 45 to Level 50 takes 109.5 Million XP. This trainer somehow has earned 10x the amount of XP they need to hit the highest level in the game.”

A comment right underneath the post says, “None of these should be remotely challenging for someone with a billion xp. That’s insane.”

Then, another person adds their own take, saying, “It has to be out of spite. That’s the only thing that makes sense – to get that much XP and not complete any 1 of these requires some serious dedication.”

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One person adds their own explanation for the player stalling, as they say, “Alternatively, they could have a job that prevents them from doing it. When I was in the Navy, I’d have to stand duty for 24 once every 4 days and wasn’t allowed to have my phone. This made getting those streaks extremely difficult.”

Whether it’s all about those tasks or this trainer is just fed up with leveling, it’s pretty interesting that they don’t care about any of the rewards. If you’re on a mission to rise up the ranks, be sure to check out our guide to Pokemon Go leveling up next.

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