Pokemon Go players warned against maxing Pokemon before reaching certain level

Pokemon Go level 47Niantic

Leveling up in Pokemon Go is always a good thing, but sometimes it’s vital to plan ahead, especially when it comes to some of the tasks you need to complete.

From the surface, Pokemon Go is all about collecting all your favorite creatures, exploring the world around you, and battling with or against like-minded fans. Naturally, within that, there’s a certain element of planning involved. After all, you need to know the best Pokemon to catch, where the ideal location is to find them, and who you want on your team.

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With all of that to think about, it’s easy to forget the importance of planning ahead with your quests and leveling up, especially when you get to the higher levels. Now, one user has shown just how important it really is.

Pokemon Go player highlights importance of planning ahead

Sharing their warning on Reddit, one user explained to the community: “Anyone who is planning to max out their Pokemon, would suggest to keep them at 49.5 till they reach this task.” With it, they added an image of the level 47 requirements, with one task asking the players to “Power up 3 Pokemon to their max CP.”

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Few things can be more frustrating than being stuck on a level because you’ve already maxed out your key Pokemon. After all, it’s not really worth wasting most candy on lower CP creatures.

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Many players loved the warning, with some saying: “Thanks for the knowledge!” and others joking that “In 10 years when I get to level 47 I’ll make sure I have them ready.”

However, not all fans were caught by surprise, with one user explaining how they “made sure to check out the requirements ahead when they upped the level cap, so I could make a proper plan and not get caught out.”

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Thanks to warnings from the comments and the poster, hopefully, few players will be caught out like this again.

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