Pokemon Go player finds “weirdest” Field Research task to complete

Chris Studley
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A Pokemon Go player found a Field Research challenge that tasked the player to “Scan The Cock,” although it’s not what one would think.

Even though Pokemon Go is suitable for all ages, sometimes things in the mobile game can take a strange turn.

Earlier this year, one Pokemon Go trainer found a strange battle animation sequence that could be considered inappropriate for viewing among some of the game’s younger players.

Recently, one Pokemon Go player added to the madness and found a strange Field Research task that, at first glance, sounds very NSFW.

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Pokemon Go trainer finds NSFW Field Research task

A Pokemon Go trainer named “Woodland-wanderer24” on Reddit posted an in-game screenshot of a Field Research task in the official Go subreddit that Niantic asked the individual to complete.

However, the task’s name doesn’t sound like one that is suitable for work.

The Research task required the player to “Scan The Cock.” For those wondering, the original poster stated that The Cock is the name of a nearby pub.

It’s not uncommon for Niantic to post location scan challenges in Pokemon Go, as players can scan Pokestops and other destinations via the app. But this one is obviously very different, given the name.

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And to little shock, several players responded and poked fun at the Field Research task name.

One player stated on the bizarre name of the task, “Some people will do anything for a poffin.” Oddly enough, a Poffin was the reward for this Pokemon Go Research task.

Another bluntly added, “Probably the best scan task.”

In more serious Pokemon Go news, Niantic released the Shadow Raid schedule for the month of October. Shadow Zapdos & Moltres will be among the marquee rewards this month.

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