Pokemon Go player distraught after every spawn is Weedle

Zackerie Fairfax

A Pokemon Go player couldn’t believe their eyes while playing in the big city as every spawn they encountered was the all-too-common, bug-type Weedle.

While Pokemon Go is home to hundreds of different species of Pokemon, players tend to run into the same ones over and over. The most common of which is usually some iteration of a Route 1 bird-mon from Pidgey to Pidove and beyond.

Luckily, Niantic rotates the pool of mons out quite frequently allowing for trainers to encounter a more diverse selection while playing. But sometimes, even that isn’t enough for players to escape the grasp of the most common Pokemon.

Reddit user mikeyNOTmickey fell on a spell of bad luck while playing in a highly populated area as they couldn’t seem to encounter anything but worms. Despite being surrounded by lured Pokestops, it wasn’t enough for better Pokemon to take the bait.

Pokemon Go player can’t stop encountering Weedle

Mikey shared two screenshots to the r/pokemongo subreddit. Both showed the player’s avatar in a very active city with a plethora of Pokestops – a number of which has lures active. However, they were surrounded by nothing but Weedle spawns.

They captioned the post, “This a joke? Because I am not laughing. I am crying.”

However, fellow trainers took to the comments to express their own grievances. One player claimed to be crying because they lived in an area with a fraction of the Pokestops in the post. Others wanted to know if a place with that many stops and spawns actually existed.

There were also a number of players who attempted to show OP the bright side of having so many Weedle spawns. “Pinap them all, evolve, delete if no good, easy xp and dust,” one user stated. Another advised to catch them all and save them until August 30 to evolve for double the xp.

Regardless, it can be a bit disappointing to open up Pokemon Go only to see a handful of low-tier spawns. But for mikeyNOTmickey, it was more like a PC Box full of useless grubs.