Pokemon Go trainer shocked after realizing they did a raid battle in Antarctica

Pokemon Go antarcticaNiantic/Reddit: zlaures

A Pokemon Go trainer was recently going through their ‘mon and realized they likely raided with a scientist in Antarctica after finding out their Mewtwo came from the South Pole.

Since its launch in 2016, Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm by providing the ability for trainers to catch their favorite pocket monster from anywhere in the world.

Niantic released remote raid passes in 2020, allowing trainers to join others in a raid from the comfort of their own homes.

A PoGo trainer was recently going through their Pokemon bag when they found a Mewtwo from a rather peculiar (and frozen) country.

Pokemon Go trainer finds Mewtwo from Antarctica

On September 14, Reddit user zlaures posted in the Pokemon Go subreddit to share their Mewtwo.

The post read: “Just noticed that I likely raided with a scientist on Antarctica a few months ago.. I’ll keep it forever.”

Attached to the post is a picture of the Mewtwos appraisal, which shows that the ‘mon was caught “around Antarctica.”

In another comment on the post, zlaures revealed that he went through his list of gym medals to find out if he legitimately battled at an Antarctic gym…and posted the results.

In the picture, it shows that he has battled at the “Cartel Base Cientifica Antarctica Artigas” gym, which after a quick Google search, we found that it is one of two Uruguayan research bases in the country.

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