Pokemon Go players find neighbors calling them “weirdos” in Facebook group

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Pokemon Go players found a Facebook group where their neighbors joke about them being “weirdos” for enjoying the mobile game.

Since its release in the summer of 2016, Niantic’s Pokemon Go has brought joy to millions of players around the globe.

The excitement has expanded to include in-person festivals, too. And online Community Days allow Pokemon Go Trainers a chance to dive even deeper into the experience.

But for some people, simple fun with friends is a bridge too far. One group of players learned as much when stumbling upon Facebook posts written by their neighbors.

Facebook group calls local Pokemon Go fans “weirdos”

Reddit user Surprise_Salami recently noted in a post that some neighbors in a RV park they stay in have a problem with Pokemon Go fans.

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The Redditor shared screenshots from the RV park’s Facebook group, which features a few people joking at the players’ expense.

When one person called attention to the local Pokemon Go users, another member of the group responded with “…those weirdos better stay the hell away from me.” (Unsurprisingly, the profile picture of the latter depicts a bearded man in a baseball cap and sports sunglasses.)

Comments in the Reddit thread were quick to jump to the original poster’s defense. “People like this are so closed-minded and irritating,” one user replied.

Another fan came at it from a different angle, though, suggesting Surprise_Salami should “make a separate post talking about weirdos who were watching” them and their friends.

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And, of course, a few people couldn’t miss having a laugh at the telltale “hat and sunglasses profile pic.”

Hopefully, the Redditor and their friends can continue enjoying Pokemon Go in peace, sans interference from angry Facebook users.