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Pokemon Go Luxray best moveset: Is Psychic Fangs any good?

Published: 21/Nov/2021 0:32

by Daniel Megarry


Shinx is the star of Pokemon Go’s November Community Day, so lots of Trainers will be wondering what the best moveset for its final evolution Luxray is – and whether its brand new attack Psychic Fangs is any good.

The latest Community Day is focused on the adorable Electric-type Shinx. As well as bonuses like triple Transfer Candy and exclusive Special Research to complete, this event is the perfect time to stock up on Candy and evolve Shinx into Luxray.

While Luxray isn’t the best PvP fighter by any means, this Community Day does mark the arrival of a brand new move for Luxray, Psychic Fangs, which you can get by evolving Shinx into its final form during or up to two hours after the event.


Below, we’re going to explore Psychic Fangs’ potential, as well as the best overall moveset to teach Luxray in Pokemon Go.


Luxray in Pokemon
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Luxray will be able to learn a brand new move, Psychic Fangs.

Luxray best moveset in Pokemon Go

The best moveset for Luxray in Pokemon Go is Spark as a Fast Move and Wild Charge as a Charged Move. Both Snarl and Spark are decent Fast Move choices that perform at a similar level, but Spark gets the edge as it benefits from STAB damage.

As for Luxray’s Charged Move, go with Wild Charge, as it once again benefits from STAB and has the potential to deal some huge damage. If you manage to get a Luxray that knows Psychic Fangs, keep that move and pair it with Wild Charge – we’ll explain why later.


All moves Luxray can learn in Pokemon Go

Luxray can learn three potential Fast Moves and four potential Charged Moves, ranging from Electric to Dark, Normal, and Psychic. We’ve listed them all below.

Luxray Fast Moves

  • Hidden Power
  • Snarl (Dark)
  • Spark (Electric)

Luxray Charged Moves

  • Crunch (Dark)
  • Hyper Beam (Normal)
  • Psychic Fangs (Psychic)
  • Wild Charge (Electric)

Is Psychic Fangs any good in Pokemon Go?

The Psychic Fangs logo in Pokemon GO
Psychic Fangs is a pretty solid addition to Luxray’s moveset.

It looks like Psychic Fangs is actually going to be a pretty great addition to Luxray’s moveset. While it won’t make the Electric-type a most-have Pokemon, it does combine well with Wild Charge to give it extra coverage and some solid wins in both the Great League and Ultra League.

This is partly because it’s a lot cheaper than anything Luxray has had access to before, giving it a low-cost option that can easily take down shields, and while it isn’t the most powerful move, it will reduce your opponent’s Defense each time it lands, so over time it can be deadly.


It’s important to point out that even with Psychic Fangs, Luxray isn’t going to suddenly become a PvP champion. But if you’re determined to use it on your team, you’ll definitely want this Psychic-type move. It will be interesting to see whether stronger fighters get access to it in the future.

If you’d like to try out Psychic Fangs for yourself, Luxray will be able to learn it any time during and up to two hours after the Shinx Community Day, which takes place on Sunday, November 21, 2021.