Pokemon Go player furious as “glitched” Moltres appears and it’s terrible

Pokemon Go Galarian Moltres Adventure Incense Glitch CPNiantic

A Pokemon GO player has shared a nasty surprise, realizing their hard-earned Galarian Moltres encounter wasn’t glitched out. Instead, other fans have confirmed its CP can really be lower than most average wild encounters.

Pokemon Go players have been sharing their experiences with the Galarian Bird trio over the past several months, offering tips, encounter stories, and failures over social media.

The birds, which can only be found using an Adventure Incense, are notoriously difficult to catch. Because of this, many players have yet to add the trio to their in-game Pokedex.

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While some have pointed out that the limited encounters have made the birds more rare, others are becoming frustrated with the high flee rates and low spawn chances. Additionally, because the Galarian Birds aren’t a part of the Pokemon Go raid rotations, they often have surprisingly low stats.

One Pokemon Go player finally bumped into a Galarian Moltres using the Adventure Incense, and took to social media in confusion, convinced they’d found a glitch.

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Pokemon Go’s Galarian Moltres has horrible CP

In a Twitter post shared by LadyDi1002, the player reaches out to the Pokemon Go community in confusion, asking, “I need help PokémonGO experts. Have you EVER seen Moltres with a low CP as this? I thought there was nothing less than 4 digits?? Can anyone let me know if this is a glitch??”

The Moltres in the image, which has a miserable CP of 129, can be seen on the catch screen. Unfortunately, fans in the comments only had bad news for the Pokemon Go player. Shinydaphne says, “3 digit numbers are definitely possible. But if the bird is weather boosted, it has a higher chance of being over 1000 cp.” while Zeion97 adds “You can get as low as under 50 CP. It all is RNG on the level it throws”.

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Other fans share their own low-level encounters, with a player showing off a Galarian Moltres with a CP of 44.

While the low level may not be terrible on a common Pokemon species, it is a slap in the face to those lucky enough to encounter the Legendary Birds during the Adventure Incense’s 15-minute duration. The chance of earning candy for any of the birds is low, and the odds of them having poor stats on top of the low CP is almost a given.

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Because of this, the grind to get the birds may only be worth it for those who want them as trophies. The unfortunate reality is that they aren’t currently worth grinding and raising for any sort of regular use in battles of PvP.

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