Pokemon Go accidentally creates mounts with odd glitch

Scott Baird
Ash Pikachu & Goh riding Pokemon in anime

A clipping glitch in Pokemon Go has accidentally allowed Buddy Pokemon to mount another, which is definitely not a feature intended by the developers.

The Pokemon franchise seems like an ideal fit for a mount system, with Ash riding Pokemon back in the earliest days of the anime. If you could ride Bikes for extra speed, then surely larger Pokemon like Rapidash could fill the same role.

Unfortunately, the mainline Pokemon games were released on handheld systems for years, which meant that hardware limitations restricted what could be included in the games. Fans couldn’t ride Pokemon until Gen 7 when Pokemon Sun & Moon allowed some ‘Mons to be used as mounts.

Mounts aren’t available in Pokemon Go, though you can have companion Pokemon via the game’s Buddy system. These two gameplay aspects have finally been combined, albeit unintentionally, via one of Pokemon Go’s many clipping glitches.

Pokemon Go glitch accidentally created mounts

A user on the Pokemon Go Reddit has shared a glitch that shows their Buddy Mewtwo riding a Shiny Dunsparce, even though the player doesn’t actually own the Shiny Pokemon. Fans were quick to joke about the compromising position that the two Pokemon found themselves in.

“You see, when a mommy and daddy Pokemon love each other…” one user joked, while another said, “This is how other Pokemon are made.”

One user commented, “It’s Valentine’s Day…” to which the OP responded, “I don’t approve of my Mewtwo sharing relations with a Pokemon I don’t even have. Feels a bit like he’s cheating on me.”

Some users eschewed the obvious jokes and actually commented on Mewtwo riding Dunsparce. “To the horizon, loyal steed!” one user wrote, while another joked “Thats just a bootleg Calyrex.”

It’s a shame that the Ride Pokemon concept isn’t a part of Pokemon Go, as there’s certainly room for the mechanic in a game where the main character’s avatar travels a lot.

Unfortunately, it would take a lot of work to animate all of those elements, especially with so many clothing options in the game, so we’re unlikely to see it included in a future update and will have to rely on Pokemon Go clipping glitches to see it happen.

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