Pokemon Go fans split over A Mystic Hero event rewards & bonuses

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Pokemon Go trainers are split over whether participating in the A Mystic Hero event is worth the effort thanks to its rewards, bonuses, and lack of wild spawns.

Pokemon Go has had a tumultuous few weeks to say the least. Fans were outraged by Niantic’s decision to nerf Remote Raid Passes, resulting in acts of protests like boycotts, petitions, and even uninstalling the game entirely.

Now, fans are conflicted with the A Mystic Hero event following the Remote Raid Pass debacle, with many already pointing out glaring bugs and glitches affecting the experience.

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The A Mystic Hero event has even started a debate among trainers who argue it’s not even worth participating due to the rewards — or lack thereof — being offered.

Pokemon Go fans debate A Mystic Hero event

The discourse started thanks to a post on the Pokemon Go subreddit, where one trainer posted an infographic of the event’s rewards and bonuses. The OP titled the post: “Thank you Niantic for such an amazing 4 day event with no wild spawns I am so grateful for this company and how much it cares for the people who play their game.”

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Many figured the title was meant to be sarcastic, and echoed those same sentiments in the replies. “Blanche T-posing on me during most animations when I first checked out the research showed how much effort they really put in this,” said one fan, referring to Blanche’s strange posing glitch.

Still, other trainers pushed back on the criticism surrounding the event, with some saying they don’t see the issue with the rewards and bonuses offered. “I get everyone hates Niantic atm but what is actually wrong with this event? It seems fine to me,” one trainer said.

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They weren’t alone in this reasoning, as another player pointed out, “Do people have to b*tch about everything. Its a small event where you get two free lures, bonus xp and a unique costume pokemon. Not everything has to be a grandiose event.”

The A Mystic Hero event will continue until April 17, 2023, at 8:00 PM local time, so trainers who want to earn rewards still have plenty of time to do so.

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