Pokemon Go fans clown “T-posing” Blanche bug during A Mystic Hero event

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Pokemon Go players have noticed a funny bug surrounding Blanche during the A Mystic Hero event, as their model appears to start “T-posing” randomly.

Pokemon Go’s A Mystic Hero event, which stars Team Mystic’s leader Blanche and a brand new Costume Lapras, has finally arrived.

Unfortunately, the event hasn’t gotten off to the smoothest start, as Niantic forgot to include the model for the Costume Lapras, causing the game to crash during that part of the Special Research.

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Trainers have encountered another bug with the A Mystic Research event, which seems to cause Blanche to sporadically T-pose during dialogue.

Pokemon Go fans spot Blanche “T-posing” bug

Multiple posts on social media have pointed out the amusing bug online, and attached screenshots and videos of Blanche’s T-pose in action.

In a video posted on TheSilphRoad subreddit titled, “Blanches belt on their jacket having a life of its own,” fans can get a good look at the glitch. During Blanche’s Special Research dialogue, their pose shifts rapidly from their normal pose to a stiff, robotic pose with their arms slightly spread apart.

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In addition to assuming the robotic stance, Blanche’s belt also sticks straight out to the side, making the bug all the more hilarious.

Some trainers were quick to point out that Blanche is actually assuming an A-pose, which is when a model’s arms are only slightly sticking out to the side. “Blanche is A-Posing while her coat is T-Posing. She’s a force to be feared,” noted one trainer.

Others made similar jokes about Blanche’s pose, with one fan saying they were “T-posing for dominance,” while another commented “‘Deploy All-range Mode!'”

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Not all players were amused by the bug, however, as many claimed it was just another example of developer Niantic’s laziness towards the game. Another fan made a Reddit post with the title, “So Blanche is T-posing in the new event research. I don’t think Niantic gives a sh*t anymore.”

The OP wasn’t alone in this sentiment, as plenty of comments noted this is far from the first time glitches like these have cropped up. “Anymore? That ship sailed a long time ago,” one trainer replied.

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Thankfully, this is something Niantic can easily fix in a patch. Whether or not the developer decides to do so is up in the air.

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