Pokemon Go crashing as Niantic forgets to add Blanche Lapras costume

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Pokemon Go fans are suffering from game crashes as they realize Niantic forgot to add the new Blanche Lapras costume as the ‘A Mystic Hero’ event begins to roll out.

Pokemon Go’s latest event, A Mystic Hero, is set to go live on April 13 at 10 am local time and residents of New Zealand are among the first to get access.

It focuses on the Team Mystic leader Blanche and one of the most popular water ‘mon, Lapras, who is sporting a special Blanche-themed costume.

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However, many are realizing that Niantic forgot to add the new Blanche Lapras costume into the game, causing it to crash for many.

Niantic forgot to add Blanche Lapras costume

Shortly after the event began rolling out, Serebii creator Joe Merrick took to Twitter to share the news alongside his disappointment for the mess up.

“So it seems Niantic forgot to put the asset in for the new Lapras outfit into the game, so when you get to the part of the Special Research, it errors and doesn’t display anything, so you need to reboot the game,” he said.

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“Get it together Niantic, the event is live. You knew it was coming.”

Popular Pokemon Go data miners, Poke Miners, were quick to share the news after Merrick, adding it to their list of known issues surrounding the game.

“As predicted, the Special Research is broken for the Blanche event due to Blanche Lapras never being pushed,” they said.

The Pokemon Go developers have been met with a fair share of backlash recently as many are deleting the game following changes to Remote Raid battles and issues with Elite Raid battles.

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Niantic has yet to respond to the current issues with the Blanche Lapras costume, but we’ll be sure to update you if they do.

In the meantime, head over to our Pokemon section for more coverage surrounding the franchise.

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