Pokemon Go fans jealous after trainer shares impossible Salandit hatch

Dylan Horetski
Salandit in Pokemon Go Element Cup

Pokemon Go fans on Reddit were left jealous after one trainer shared a super rare Salandit hatched from an egg that’s nearly impossible to acquire.

Back in April 2022, Pokemon Go finally launched Salandit, a Poison/Fire-type ‘mon that came to fruition with the release of Pokemon Sun & Moon.

The Gen 7 mon’s evolution, Salazzle, quickly became one of the most sought-after creatures in Pokemon Go due to it only being available in 12km eggs and only evolving from a female Salandit.

Fans of the lizard ‘mon on Reddit are jealous after a trainer shared a Salandit hatch that’s nearly impossible to acquire.

Pokemon Go fan hatches perfect Salandit

“I shed a tear when this hatched,” said the user when they uploaded the screenshot onto the Pokemon Go subreddit. “Just hatched a few minutes ago.”

In the picture, you can see the user’s Salazzle with the appraisal screen showing the ‘mon’s perfect stats.

So, not only did they manage to hatch the illustrious female Salandit, they were lucky enough to get one with perfect IV.

When you combine the odds of Salandit being female with the odds of it being perfect, you get a Pokemon that’s nearly impossible to acquire in the game.

Other fans quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts, with many users jealous of the impossible find.

“Ughhh so jealous. Happy for you!,” one user replied.

Another fan joked: “I refuse to believe this is real. Your Photoshop is on point tho.”

“Wow! Now that’s something worth flexing dear god,” a third trainer replied.

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