Pokemon Go fans divided over “useless” Fashion Week costume event

pokemon go fashion week headerNiantic

Pokemon Go’s new Fashion Week event introduced more costumed Pokemon, but some fans are split over whether these are worthwhile.

Pokemon Go’s Fashion Week event introduced more costumed Pokemon into the expansive catalog of available creatures to collect.

While the event also fully added Mareanie and Toxapex into the game, the focus of the event is mainly around these costumed Pokemon.

Unfortunately, some fans voiced the opinion that costume events are useless, which sparked a large debate among the Pokemon Go community.

Pokemon Go fans debate Fashion Week event

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit titled “Anyone else not care about costume Pokemon?” kicked off the debate.

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User TaeyeonUchiha explained that the events were “when [Niantic] holds ‘special events’ too often they’re not so special anymore” referring to the amount of costume Pokemon currently in the game.

Plenty of fans agreed with the original prompt, such as Lpnlizard27 who said “Considering some of them cannot be evolved, that further reduces their usefulness. I just take it as an opportunity to earn some candy for not-so-common mons.”

Another fan agreed that costume Pokemon not being able to evolve was a major downside. “I transfer all, don’t need to fill my space with useless Pokémon with a hat that can’t even be evolved.”

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Still, plenty of other fans disagreed and welcomed the Fashion Week-style events as a nice change of pace.

“I get what you’re saying but I do think it’s a nice change in scene once in a while. Their shinies are also rarer so it’s nice to look out for them.”

Others noted the costumes actually make some Pokemon more special for the trainer that catches them. “I didn’t care about Diglett at all, until he put on a bowler hat. He went from forgettable to A-tier with one very simple accessory.”

Still, players on both sides seemed to agree that the fact that some costume Pokemon can’t evolve is a big problem. Of course, only time will tell if Niantic takes this community feedback to heart for future events.

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