Pokemon Go players shows off insane Fashion Week Shiny luck

Laura Gray
Pokemon Go Fashion Week

A Pokemon Go player has had unusually Shiny luck following the start of the 2022 Fashion Week, showing off a list of rare catches including both Legendary and standard Shiny species.

Pokemon Go has just kicked off its 2022 Fashion Week event. During this time, players can catch several stylish species, including an Absol in shades, a Croagunk in a cute hat, and a Blitzle in a fancy collar among many others.

However, the main gems of this star-studded event are the debuts of Shiny Furfrou and Shiny Legendary Yvetal. The pair of Kalos Pokemon both have striking Shiny variations, with Yvetal’s dark coloration swapped out for red and white and Furfrou sporting luxuriously dark fur.

However, the event, which began on September 27 at 10 AM local time, is just at its start. Because of this, one player’s recent social media post showcases some surprisingly lucky Shiny hunting achievements.

A Pokemon Go player hits the Shiny jackpot

In a recent Twitter post shared by PurpleAlien_, the player shows off a screenshot of their first Fashion Week Shiny haul. The post reads, “Not bad for the first 24 hours from the fashion week. But where are my Furfrou and my Diglett?”

Despite the player’s lamenting comments about FurFrou and Diglett, the haul is nothing to sniff at. The screenshot shows two Shiny Kirlia, two Shiny Butterfree, one Shiny Murkrow, one Shiny Absol, one Shiny Croagunk, and an astounding three Shiny Yvetal. The total of 10 Shiny Pokemon only a day into the event is a hefty, lucky accomplishment.

Many other Pokemon Go players fill the comments, offering their congratulations, which are well deserved. With a full week of the event remaining, it seems there is no doubt the player will score their missing Shiny FurFrou and Diglett before long, marking a solid and satisfying collection to show off in Raids or battles.

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