Pokemon Go fans discover important new invite feature for Raids

Pokemon Go tyranitar raid headerNiantic

Pokemon Go players have stumbled upon an incredibly helpful quality-of-life feature that lets them invite more friends to ongoing Raids without leaving the lobby.

While much of Pokemon Go can be enjoyed fairly casually, such as hunting down Shiny Pokemon and filling out the Pokedex, there are plenty of elements of the mobile game that truly tests players.

One of those is the Raid battles groups of trainers can partake in to defeat and capture some of the game’s most powerful Pokemon. These Raids often require some coordination with friends, especially during Elite Raids, as they can prove quite difficult.

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Luckily, it seems fans have discovered a very handy quality-of-life feature in Pokemon Go that lets players more easily invite friends to ongoing Raids than ever before.

Pokemon Go players find new Raid friend list feature

A post on TheSilphRoad subreddit gained traction among the Pokemon Go community after one trainer pointed out that players can actually invite more friends to a raid after 30 seconds have passed if the room is not filled.

The OP clarified in the replies to the post what actually happened in the attached video. According to them, “Every 30 seconds after selection of 5 friends, the invite button unlocks, allowing as much as three groups of 5 to be invited if you’re fast enough!”

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Before this was found, players could only invite more trainers from their friend group if they left the room and rejoined the raid lobby.

Immediately, fans voiced their concern that this feature would be quietly removed by Niantic as they figured it wasn’t intentional. Niantic does have a history of implementing helpful bugs as official features, the concern is not entirely unfounded.

“I can’t believe this is not a bug. With Niantic pushing in-person raids, 5 additional remote raiders and facilitating additional invites goes a long way away from their point.”

Others were simply happy that the feature was in the game at all, as one trainer said, “This is a really significant improvement, with no obvious downside. I’m shocked and impressed!”

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With Niantic’s renewed focus on in-person content, this handy friend list update will certainly make raiding just a tiny bit easier on fans looking to speed things along.