Pokemon Go datamine reveals possible daily limit on Remote Raids

pokemon go remote raid limit

Reputable Pokemon Go dataminers, PokeMiners, revealed that a daily limit might be placed on the number of Remote Raids players can attempt.

Pokemon Go introduced Remote Raids in 2020 following the global lockdown to allow players to be invited and participate in Raids regardless of their location. However, Niantic has made a concerted effort to phase out Remote Raids in favor of in-person raiding.

This includes removing the weekly guaranteed Remote Raid pass from the shop, raising the price of the three Remote Raid Pass bundle, and introducing new raids that can only be attempted in person.

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And it seems like the restrictions on Remote Raids won’t stop there. According to a leak, Pokemon Go could limit the number of raids players can attempt daily.

Pokemon Go daily Remote Raid limit

The leak comes from reputable Pokemon Go datamining group PokeMiners. They reported an updated line of text for the Remote Raid Pass description. The new text read, “Pass to join a Raid Battle remotely. You can join {0} Raids a day.”

This implies that the number inside the brackets would count down with each Remote Raid Pass used. The PokeMiners Twitter commented, “It would appear the leaks we spoke about on the podcast were correct and there will be limits to how many remote raids you can do each day.”

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A little over 30 minutes later, the text was reverted. PokeMiners theorized that Niantic updated the text earlier than intended. They stated, “Based on the fact the variable was not set, they most likely didn’t realize the texts would go live, which is why they reverted it. They didn’t intend for people to see this.”

Of course, this caused a stir among Pokemon Go players. They questioned why Niantic would limit one of the app’s most lucrative features. Others claimed they’d stop playing if Remote Raids were limited.

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However, there is still a possibility that this daily limit never comes to fruition.

This news comes right on the heels of the Pokemon Go Tour Las Vegas event, which was plagued with its own issues. Players hope that the upcoming global event will feature less bugs, and that the Remote Raid Pass limit will hold off until then.

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