Pokemon Go community outraged over “greedy” ticket prices

Pokemon GO holiday eventNiantic / The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go’s community has been angered by yet another paywalled event making it into this season of the game, this time a timed research quest that many consider “overpriced.”

Mythical Wishes season has been live for two and a half weeks now, but a lot has happened since both good and bad it seems.

Hoenn mega raids on December 3, Mythic Blade that took place between December 6 to 11, and now Niantic released the “Winter Holiday Part 1” event that will run from December 15 to December 23.

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All of which included or were entirely paywalled, drawing the ire of the community that mockingly started calling it “Money Wishes” on the game’s official Reddit.

“The ticket should be a free timed research for everyone, minus the pose. Put that in the shop for whoever wants to buy it. Niantic’s greed is out of control,” said one player.

Even content creators that focus on Pokemon Go, like ProPlanty, find it hard to say anything positive about this 7$ purchase.

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Community dissatisfied with the “Mythical Wishes” season

Many players struggle to understand the 7$ price tag of this timed research ticket when historically they were always free. The only difference now is that it includes one pose for the customization of your character.

“I don’t know why regular event Special research is being paywalled now. Are Niantic actively trying to chase players away?” asked one of the players, before adding: “For you that research is 7 Dollars but for us over here in South Africa it’s 80 Rand which is not cheap at all.”

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This sentiment spilled over to Reddit and Twitter, with the community making posts and memes about their dissatisfaction with the current season.

“We are only on Day 15 of the new season, and already on the 3rd paid event. We don’t even have a story going for this new season,” comments another dissatisfied player.

This series of steps that has the player base up in arms comes between updates that were received very well such as the Vivillion postcard event, or the Winder Holiday background changes. So it’s safe to say that this season of Pokemon Go is getting a pretty mixed reception so far.

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