Pokemon Go player receives “Butts & Boobies” in gift from trainer

Pokemon go giftThe Pokemon Company

A Redditor recently received an interesting gift from another Pokemon Go user, which came in the form of a “Butts and Boobies” postcard.

Niantic’s Pokemon Go allows players of the AR game to both give and receive gifts within the worldwide community.

Typically, gifts are found at PokeStops, though the person who stumbles across it does not have the option to open it. Filled with a postcard about its location, the gift can be sent to a friend.

The practice serves as a neat way for players to connect with fellow members of the Pokemon Go community. Of course, receiving gifts can sometimes result in an unexpected glimpse into the real world.

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Pokemon Go player receives interesting gift from a user in Chile

A Pokemon Go fan from Santiago, Chile, PrisonBreak9, recently sent a postcard to another player. Based on the location listed on the card, the gift came from a PokeStop in the Ñuñoa commune.

Most interesting is what the postcard depicts in its eye-catching photo – a “Butts and Boobies” mural. Reddit user catatataat received the gift in question, calling it the “best postcard ever” in the AR game’s subreddit.

Needless to say, other Redditors tend to agree that this counts among the most interesting Pokemon Go gifts.

Said one user about the post, “This is what the ‘save postcard’ was made for.” Another person joked, “how could they send that without adding the ‘oh yeah!’ Pikachu sticker??”

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Others were curious as to how the suggestive postcard from PrisonBreak9 even got approved. According to one commenter, though, there’s even a PokeStop for a “Phallus-shaped Rock.” Undoubtedly, the world is filled with surprising PokeStop locations.