Pokemon Go announced more Elite Raid battles – and no one is excited

Pokemon Go Seasons of Light Elite RaidsNiantic

Pokemon Go players have been struggling with the recently added Elite Raid battles, and an update from the developer has indicated the unpopular Raids will continue to haunt fans in future weeks.

Pokemon Go players are currently experiencing frustration surrounding the newest feature announced – Elite Raid battles. Having dropped on October 15, with the first round of battles happening on October 16, the Raid Eggs interrupted Litwick Community Day, and negatively impacted a wide range of players.

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The Pokemon Go Elite Raid Eggs, which currently feature Hoopa Unbound, take 24 hours to hatch, and cannot be challenged using Remote Raid Passes. Additionally, they are particularly difficult and require a large group of players to tackle, effectively penalizing smaller local groups.

While Niantic apologized for the effects Elite Raid Eggs had on the Litwick community day, the developer didn’t address the concerns many had about whole urban areas being overwhelmed by the eggs, and many players felt the content wasn’t well-prepared or released in a way that was inclusive to the community.

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Pokemon Go Elite Raids will return

In a recent Twitter post shared by PokemonGoApp, it has been announced that Elite Raid Eggs will again descend on Pokemon Go Gyms sometime during the rest of the Season of Light. The update reads, “Don’t fret if you weren’t able to challenge Hoopa Unbound — look forward to another Elite Raid appearing during the #SeasonofLight!”

While no dates have been given yet, Pokemon Go players in the comments have been quick to vocalize their feelings about the Elite Raid Eggs. Iamcakke has stats “Literally no one is gonna be able to beat these” while Itzmaxy adds “Cause they don’t care about other people who don’t have gyms or similar like inactivity players in these cities. lol”.

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LemonEmilyyy comments “Are you gonna actually make sure the spawns work this time?” and MrAvalanchePoGo has shared a post that goes into detail about their thoughts on the Elite Raid experience.

Overall, Pokemon Go players don’t seem particularly excited to have Elite Raids pop up over Gyms in the game any time soon. While the chance to catch Hoopa Unbound is exciting, for many, it may not be worth the hassle.

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