Niantic apologizes for Pokemon Go Elite Raid spawn impact on Litwick Community Day

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Pokemon Go developer Niantic has apologized to players following outcry over the release of Elite Raids, which negatively impacted the October Litwick Community Day event.

Pokemon Go players received an unexpected and unpleasant surprise following the announced return of the Elite Raid challenges. The Raids were set to begin on October 16, with the Eggs appearing on the map 24 hours ahead of hatching. Unfortunately, this release date bumps into the October 15, 2022 date for the Litwick Community Day event.

Fans around the world took to social media, pointing out that Pokemon Go’s Elite Raid Eggs were overtaking the majority of Gyms – especially in urban areas. This has prevented the spawn of Lampent, which was set to hatch following the 3-Hour Community Day.

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Despite many regions already feeling the results of the overlap, Pokemon Go developer Niantic has released a statement and offered a solution for areas that have yet to start the Community Day event.

Niantic “sincerely apologize for the inconvenience” of Elite Raid release

In a Twitter announcement shared by NianticHelp, the Pokemon Go developer has offered an apology to fans, stating they will delay the Elite Raid Eggs in certain areas.

The post said, “Trainers, we are delaying Elite Raid Eggs in certain regions in order to allow space for other Raid Battles. The Elite Raid Eggs will appear at 6:00 p.m. local time on October 15 and still hatch on October 16 at the originally scheduled local times of 11am, 2pm, and 5pm”.

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This post was followed by another, which said, “We are aware this is impacting availability of 4-star Raids, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.”

Many Pokemon Go players have responded in the comments, venting frustration at the situation and its impact on the mobile app. One fan stated, “You guys should delay everything and actually provide support to your players that keep you in business.” while another read, “Do you ever consider the consequences before pulling the trigger?”

Though the criticism may seem harsh, this isn’t the first issue Pokemon Go players have dealt with in recent months.

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From events not starting on time to servers crashing during events, many fans think playing the mobile app has become increasingly frustrating, especially for those who paid for event-specific tickets.

With any luck, future releases will have smoother launches in the coming months so as to not cause problems for those looking forward to Pokemon Go’s content.