Pokemon fans recreate popular Charizard card on r/place and it’s cursed

Dylan Horetski
Pokemon Charizard Cards

Pokemon fans on r/place have recreated a popular Charizard card on the popular Reddit canvas, and the result is quite cursed.

Every year, Reddit’s popular r/place subreddit opens up a fully editable canvas for users to create artwork on over the span of a couple weeks.

Users quickly began hitting out at CEO Steve Huffman as soon as the yearly event started, and they quickly called for better bot control as the days went on.

Pokemon fans have made their way to r/place now, creating a rather cursed version of a base set Charizard card.

Redditors make cursed base set Charizard card

On July 23, 2024, Pokemon TCG fans began making their way to r/place to recreate the iconic base-set shadowless Charizard card.

As one of the most expensive cards in the game’s history, it makes sense that users would want to show appreciation for it on r/place.

However, the result quickly became quite cursed as users began editing it to include things like 420 HP, “Energy P**n,” and the German translation for Charizard: Glurak.

On top of all the changes to the wording on the card itself, other Pokemon fans have added Lapras, Blastoise, Gyrados, and Vaporeon to the canvas on top of the bottom half of the iconic card.

It’s by far one of the biggest pieces of art still up on r/place at the time of writing, with hardly anyone looking to remove it from the canvas.

The subreddit is constantly changing, however, so it may disappear sooner than later. It’s unknown when the event will end, but if the cursed Charizard card makes it to that day it’ll be memorialized for years to come.

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