Pokemon fan’s pet fish discovers game-breaking Sapphire bug years later

Brent Koepp
fish playing pokemon

A Pokemon fan’s pet fish went viral after discovering a new glitch in Ruby & Sapphire decades later. The game-breaking bug was accidentally found by the animal while streaming the Gen III title on YouTube.

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In July, a Japanese Pokemon fan went viral after setting up a way for his Siamese fighting fish to play Ruby & Sapphire. Surprisingly, the animal was able to beat two Gym Leaders on stream.

On October 3, the lovable pet made waves after discovering a brand new bug in the third generation title over 18 years later. The game-breaking glitch ironically was found in the RPG’s Sea Cavern level.

fish playing pokemon
The Pokemon fan created a way for his fish to play the RPG.

Pet fish discovers Pokemon Sapphire bug

Pokemon fanatic Mutekimaru created a way for his pet Betta fishes named Maurice and Lala to play the Nintendo RPG. The dedicated fan cleverly mapped out the animal’s fish tank so that when it swims in each section, it presses a button in-game.

During an stream on October 3, the Siamese fighting fish was exploring the Sea Cavern area in Pokemon Sapphire when it stumbled upon a game-breaking bug. When using the Strength ability to move a boulder to clear the path, it created a duplicate rock instead.

Realizing what had been discovered, the Japanese fan posted the footage to Twitter. Apparently the glitch had never been widely documented online before, with many in the community having only seen it for the first time. Incredibly, the lovable pet was the first to find it.

Mutekimaru later revisited the section himself to try to recreate the glitch. Looking at the pet fish’s movements, the player was able to trigger the glitch again, which he uploaded to YouTube with a step-by-step guide.

As ridiculous and incredible as it sounds, in July, the Japanese Pokemon fan’s pet fishes were also able to obtain badges after beating two of Sapphire’s Gym Leaders.

The Gen III RPG originally released in 2002 on the GameBoy Advance. In 2014, both titles got a remake called Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire for the Nintendo 3DS.

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