Pokemon fans are obsessed with Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s “smol” Dawn

Game Freak / The Pokemon Company / Twitter: @pocemon111

Ever since Pokemon Brilliant & Shining Diamond’s reveal on February 26, fans can’t stop talking about its lead protagonist, Dawn. The Sinnoh trainer’s chibi-style makeover has sparked a wave of memes from players who can’t get enough of how “smol” she is.

After years of anticipation, The Pokemon Company revealed that the series would return to the Sinnoh region with Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl set to release on the Nintendo Switch in late 2021.

While some fans were divided over the project’s unique graphics, its chibi art style has many in the community obsessed with protagonist Dawn’s new look. Her adorable design has kicked off a craze of “smol” memes.

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Pokemon fans love Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s “smol” Dawn

Pokemon players that have been on social media since the announcement of Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl have probably run across a flurry of posts referencing “smol.” The hilarious meme quickly went viral after the Sinnoh remakes’ debut trailer was revealed.

The joke centers around Gen IV’s new miniature character designs created by developer ILCA. While the game also features a second protagonist named Lucas, most of the fandom has focused their obsession over beloved heroine Dawn.

Officially dubbed as “smol” Dawn, the community can’t get enough of how tiny she looks. So much so that the character began trending on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit.

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Screenshot of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Smol Dawn memes.Reddit
Smol Dawn memes quickly went viral after the Diamond & Pearl remakes were revealed.

Many of the memes hilariously take screenshots from Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl to put into perspective just how small the character models look. It’s not just images either, fans took to platforms such as Twitch and YouTube to make comedic content around the new version of Trainer Dawn.

Love it or hate it, Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s new chibi graphics are an attempt at faithfully capturing the original pixel art style from 2006. While some players have argued the Sinnoh remakes should have used either Sword & Shield or Let’s Go Pikachu’s engine, the protagonist’s new look has been a major hit online.

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Those looking forward to revisiting Gen IV can check out our guide on everything we know so far about the project right here. At the time of writing, the Nintendo Switch RPGs have yet to get a release date but are set to make their debut sometime in late 2021.