Pokemon fan discovers hidden trend in every generation installment

The Pokemon Company

Every generation entry in the Pokemon franchise comes with two separate games, each version catered towards providing exclusive content. A fan discovered a trend that helped distinguish and categorize every version, regardless of which generation they hail from.

The two-version release of Pokemon games has become standard practice for each main installment, a practice that began with the very first generation. Each version of the same generation typically has version exclusive Pokemon, which promotes trading and thereby the social aspects of the game. But how do they go about planning each separate version?

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The answer to this question requires looking at the trend of legendaries displayed on the box art for every generation. This rings true even for the upcoming Scarlet and Violet entries.

Pokemon Scartlet and VioletThe Pokemon Company
Scarlet is Red, and Violet is Blue

Every version is Red Version or Blue Version

Reddit user mattolucas discovered a color pattern for each installment throughout the mainline entries. Simply put, “every version is Red Version or Blue Version.”

In the Reddit post, a picture showcases every Pokemon featured on the box art. Every iteration after the first generation uses Legendary Pokemon, who all follow what appears to be a color trend in every version of the game.

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For each generation entry, there’s a blue Pokemon and a red Pokemon. Though some may have only small tints of blue or red, their counterpart compensates by having the same tint of the color in question. According to Wrub229on Reddit, the versions follow a “warm and cold colour scheme.”

The Pokemon Company seems to be keeping to this trend for well over 20 years now, and will likely continue following these color schematics for the future as well. There are some games that are outliers.

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Entries such as Leaf Green, Crystal, Yellow, Emerald, and Platinum don’t necessarily count for this trend – not because they’re not notable installments, but because they’re all technically released after the initial games.

As for Legends Arceus, the standalone entry is another exception to the rule. It’s more related to generation 4 and also traveled backward in time rather than providing a brand new generation of pokemon – which the Red and Blue trend is more catered towards.

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