Pokemon community shares insane Pokemon Legends: Arceus time travel theory

Brent Koepp
Screenshot of Legendary Pokemon Arceus next to Mt Coronet.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon community has come up with a wild theory about Pokemon Legends: Arceus. According to a viral post online, the upcoming 2022 Nintendo Switch title could involve time travel, and a familiar character from Diamond & Pearl.

Game Freak took Pokemon fans by surprise when they unveiled their next project Pokemon Legends: Arceus to be a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild style open-world title. Its debut trailer showed off the Sinnoh region in its infancy.

Besides its “early 2022” release window, there isn’t a lot we know about the project. An insane viral online theory, however, has fans believing that the title could incorporate time travel.

Screenshot of Mt Coronet in Pokemon Legends Arceus trailer.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The 2022 Pokemon title will be an origin story for the Sinnoh region.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus viral theory is pretty insane

Pokemon fans excited for the open-world title have since been combing over every inch of the Legends: Arceus debut trailer for any clues Game Freak might have hinted at. A new theory has gone viral about the Sinnoh origin title having sci-fi elements.

In the mobile game Masters, Gen IV antagonist Cyrus has a time travel plot. Popular Pokemon YouTuber and Pikachu fanatic TAHKO sparked the theory discussion in a tweet on March 16 which has now amassed over 6k likes at the time of writing.

In the social media post, the content creator uploaded an image of the Sinnoh villain from Masters next to screenshots from Legends: Arceus. “So if Pokemon Masters is where Cyrus ended up if he traveled through space in Pearl I wonder where Cyrus ended up if he traveled through time in Diamon- wait,” the user tweeted out.

According to many fans, Pokemon Legends trailer features flags at a desk with symbols and text that are awfully similar to that of Team Galactic’s logo.

As one user pointed out, the imagery can also be seen on the protagonist’s uniform as well: “They actually have a point. The new character designs have a symbol on their sleeves that looks like some sort of rework of the old Team Galactic logo.”

Screenshot of Pokemon fans reacting to time-travel theory in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Looking at the images close up, it’s hard to deny that they do look incredibly similar. Even though the new Legends symbol is clearly different, it’s 1:1 the same exact font style, and the logo even has similar pointed edges. Plus the theory argues, that it’s a “re-work” of the villainous icon.

Screenshot of Pokemon Legends: Arceus next to Team Galactic logo.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The symbol featured in Pokemon: Legends Arceus trailer is similar to Team Galactic’s logo.

Warning: Major Diamond & Pearl story spoilers below:

While on the surface the theory may sound over the top for some, it’s actually not too far fetched given a major plot point in the 2009 DS title. In Pokemon Platinum, the Team Galactic Boss travels to an alternate universe where Legendary Giratina lives. Additionally, Legendaries Dialga and Palkia are both the protectors of Time & Space.

So Gen IV has already established some pretty deep sci-fi themes within its story. Given that Legends: Arceus is going to serve as an origin story for the Sinnoh region, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see some of these elements incorporated into its story. Only time will tell if the new symbols are related to Team Galactic or if the wild theory plays out.