Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl player makes NPCs terrifying after model swaps

Philip Trahan
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One Pokemon fan replaced the overworld player model in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, ending in some scary results.

When they were first revealed, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl caused a bit of controversy thanks to the short, chibi-style overworld models.

While some fans enjoyed how this aesthetic held true to the original games, some fans wondered what these remakes could have looked like with a different style.

Now, one modder has replaced the overworld player model in BDSP with the more detailed battle model, and the results are slightly terrifying.

Modder unintentionally makes Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl NPCs scary

pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearl
Though BDSP’s overworld models have a chibi appearance, the battle models have much more realistic proportions.

A Twitter video courtesy of a user called TheYisusOne, showed what would happen if they replaced the overworld model with the battle model.

Although the animations look sleek and polished, the proportions of the battle model compared to the overworld look very off.

As a result, most of the NPCs dotting the map look gigantic in comparison to the player.

This is most evident in the PokeMart, where the realistic-looking player character talks to a massive NPC store clerk looming behind the counter.

Additionally, the player character looks fairly small next to objects like road signs and tall grass.

One social media user described the uncanny feeling the video gives, comparing it to walking around a theme park filled with people wearing mascot costumes.

Other fans weren’t as bothered by the mismatched proportions but said that if the player character’s model was “just a bit bigger” it might help things look a bit better.

Despite being an interesting experiment, it seems it would take quite a bit of work to retool Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s chibi-aesthetic seamlessly.