Pokemon Ultimate Journeys leak reveals potential winner of Ash vs Leon

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys anime Ash vs Leon winnerThe Pokemon Company

A new leak for the Pokemon Ultimate Journeys anime points to an unfavorable outcome for the perky protagonist Ash Ketchum, with the leaker stating he will lose to Leon, the standing Galar Champion.

The battles are heating up in the Pokemon Ultimate Journeys anime, as Ash takes on Galar world Champion Leon in the final battle of the Pokemon World Coronation Series Tournament. Ash has come a long way from his early days in the Indigo League, but it seems his Championship win in Alola may not save him from Leon’s power.

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Fans have been speculating for months on the outcome of the Pokemon Anime final match, with some routing for Ash Ketchum despite how it could impact the future of the series. However, others are hoping Leon will take home the victory, allowing him to continue his reign as the world Champion so Ash can keep traveling.

While there have been plenty of tense moments for the Pokemon Anime’s enthusiastic protagonist, it seemed his chances of winning were surprisingly good following his battle against Kalos Champion Diantha, and through the start of the match with Leon. However, new leaks could point to a painful loss in Ash’s future.

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A leaker for the Pokemon Anime offers new hints

In a recent Twitter post by the Pokemon leaker Riddler_Khu, an image of Ash from the Indigo League has been used without any text for explanation. The image shows Ash’s face hidden by the brim of his hat, with a distressed frown on his lips.

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The post is followed by a comment from Riddler_Khu that shows the banner for a new Pokemon installation. While it isn’t clear if this is a continuation of Pokemon Journeys or something that will tie into the upcoming Scarlet & Violet anime, it has left many like Twitter user CentroLeaks speculating that Ash will lose against Leon and continue his travels with Chloe and Goh.

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Other Pokemon Anime fans have argued that Ash’s expression could be one of relief after a hard battle, as he has been known to fake the crowd out with a serious expression before breaking into a joyful exclamation after a hard battle.

However, with the confirmation of future episodes where Ash and his Pikachu are present, it seems the long road Ash has traveled to become World Champion may not go as planned.

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